old flyers, i basically only drew flyers for arab on radar back when i did these since i was friendly with those dudes at the time. a lot of this shit sucks but i have a boner for cataloging musical minutia so here they are. sorry for the ugly page, web design doesn't really interest me.

arab on radar 10/13/95 at the coffee ground (ric campus)

bad art, don't know what i was thinking. font cribbed from 60s zap comix

arab on radar/helium/railroad jerk 1/19/96(?) at the met cafe, prov

aor didn't want to use this flyer for some reason, i dug it though

arab on radar/pistolwhip/laurels/figdish 11/14/95 at the met cafe, prov

xeroxed art out of "medical curiosities" book i ordered from an ad in weekly world news

marilyn manson/arab on radar/monster voodoo machine 2/11/95 at club babyhead, prov

weird show. horrible fonts. xeroxed david and drew the bondage gear on.

arab on radar/laurels/turkish delight 6/21/96 at the met cafe, prov

drew this after watching a tape of johnny socko episodes from the 60s. one of the few i like.

arab on radar/thinking fellers/red red meat 5/3/96(?) at the met cafe, prov

art swiped from some old ec comic (i did draw it though)

arab on radar's first 7", 1996

i like this art, i never laid shit out back then though so i would always run out of room for text.

can't remember why i did this drawing, ultraviolets were ex-kitty carryall (haha) 1996

another homage to big daddy ed roth. the singers of aor and kitty carryall were my roommates in college. kitty carryall actually beat aor at the wbru rock hunt finals one year. this was the band they did after that, kind of a cramps/dead boys shtick

larry marshall & his sharpshooters 1995/1996 at the coffee ground (ric campus)

larry was/is a legendary prov tuneless guitar weirdo who WORSHIPPED the aor guys. this band played live twice, never practiced. it was (i think) steve and eric from aor backing larry, i played harmonica. i actually recall this "band" sounding pretty ok if you were into a mid 90s prov no-wave/jam aesthetic