Disfuse/Power of Idea split 7"
Label: Japankore
Cat. #: n/a
Released: 1995

1. Dum Krig
2. Children in the Grave
3. Running in Fear
4. Vivisection
5. Poison Eye
6. Last Chaos (Crow)

NOTE: 300 copies pressed on red vinyl; b-side (Power of Idea) is a Japanese band

"Horror of War" on No Fate comp cd
Label: HG Fact
Cat. #: HG-050
Released: 1995

"Dum Krig/Vivesection" on Heavy Hardcore Headroom comp cd
Label: Profane Existance Far East
Cat. #: ?
Released: 1996


Brian Mastrobuono: Guitar/Vocals
Lee Mastrobuono: Bass
Ben Barnett: Drums

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