"CARROTS AND PEAS" on The Living Room comp lp
Label: Big Bubble
Cat. #: BB 101
Released: 1983

S/T lp
Label: self-released
Cat. #: PAR 100
Released: 1984

1. Snowbirds
2. Foamy
3. Rhode Island
4. The Vacation
5. Our Lady on the Half Shell
6. The Vacation (Dance Mix)

"RHODE ISLAND" on City History 2xlp
Label: Big Bubble
Cat. #: BB 066
Released: 1984


S/T lp lineup:
Scott Seaback: drums
Robert Kalberer: guitar
Bill English: bass
James McGrath: vocals

Tim Wiencis replaced Scott Seaback on the City History comp. Also appearing on guest vocals that night was former Congressman Ed Beard.

The S/T lp is decent enough surfy new-wave. Not punk exactly but kind of charts similar territory as early B-52s..

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