DEMO tape/cdr
Label: self released
Cat. #: n/a
Released: 200?

S/T 7"
Label: Dead Alive
Cat. #:?
Released: 2002

NOTE: 2000 pressed, 200 on red vinyl

"Meeting Our Maker/Poison Planet" on Decide on Change comp 12"
Label: Mountain Collective
Cat. #:?
Released: 2003

split with Balance of Terror 7"
Label: Partners in Crime
Cat. #:?
Released: 2003

We Will Bury You 12"
Label: Dead Alive
Cat. #:?
Released: 2004

NOTE: limited number on purple vinyl

Discography '02-'04 cd
Label: Gloom
Cat. #:?
Released: 2005

Commence the Apocalypse 12"
Label: Gloom
Cat. #:?
Released: 2006

NOTE: 500 pressed, all with screened covers (either green, orange, red, or white ink)


Aaron Ulcer: vocals
Gorman: guitar
Philbrick: bass
Brian Mastrobuono: drums

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set list from last RI show, 3/17/05