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Vincenzo Barrese
Clay Silva (Clorox Girls)
Mark Dargie
garyoak (Ireland)
Brian Maestrobuono (Dropdead)
Dave Dvorchak
Paul Barger
Jesse Edelman (Knowcrap distro)
Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust)
Felix Havoc (Havoc Records)
Nate Wilson (Gloom Records)
Yosuke Konishi (Nuclear War Now)
Chris Hardy (Velted Regnub distro)
Jay Litchfield
Stuart Schrader
Kazuyoshi Kanai (Japan)
Takanori Nita (Japan)
Jamie Grant
David Logan (UK)
Eric Calbow
Josef Loderer-Slater (Switzerland)
Joe Tucker (Shoot It Up)
Bill Skoulas (Greece)
Tim Faulkner
Gen Ademar
Rob Herraets (Netherlands)
Ole Praest (Denmark)
Colin Tappe
Graham Booth (SF)
Daniel Svennson (Sweden)
Juha H채m채l채inen (Finland)


Scoots's list




5 inch records
Deathcycle / Holy Mountain split Gloom ltd to 425, i did the cover art on this
Dropdead split with Crossed Out Crust/Selfless/Posthumous/etc 2000 pressed (2nd pressing); Providence band
Ecodamned Deadboy Deadgirl HG Fact
Toxic Holocaust Reaper's Grave Gloom red wax, 391 of 500
6 inch records
Atrocious Madness Keep Watching the Skies/Not Alive/Warning Warnin flexi disc; #833 of 1000 in envelope with 2 inserts
7 inch records
7 Seconds Skins Brains Guts clear wax with insert
9 Shocks Terror Havoc gray wax
ABC Weapons s/t Global Warning w/insert
Acephalix s/t Prank white vinyl
Affluente Logica Dominante SOA
After the Bombs s/t
After the Bombs Spoils of War The Total End
After the Bombs Bloody Aftermath Distort Reality
AI Ain't No Slaved Blood Sucker
Aka s/t Jisatsu flexi
Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias Snuff Rock Stiff
Alice Cooper Cold Ethyl b/w Only Women Atlantic
Alice Cooper School's Out b/w Gutter Cat Warner Bros w/ PS
Allin, GG Public Animal #1 Black & Blue repress
Alltid Jaget S/T Heart First 2x7"
Alone in a Crowd s/t Contrast reissue of original on Flux from '89
Amazing Royal Crowns, The Fireball Stomp b/w Jalapeno/Hat Size Kingdom formerly "The Royal Crowns"; Providence band
Amdi Petersens Arme Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film Havoc
Anthrax I Am the Law Island picture disc
Anti-Cimex Victims of a Bombraid Malign Massacre 1st press (silver lettering on cover)
Arab on Radar Kangaroo b/w Pig Roast Heparin the first single; screenprinted sleeve; Providence band
Arab on Radar/Kid Commando split Ideal Providence band (AOR)
Arab on Radar/The Locust split GSL green puddle shaped wax, with insert
Ashley Von Hurter & the Haters s/t Baby Doll black vinyl version; Providence band
Asocial Asocial Attack Demo '83 Skjut en Snut 183 of 300, black wax
Asocial Det Bittra Slutet Distortion
Asocial Religion Sucks Dissonance green wax
Assassin Demo Nuclear War Now issued with Snakepit #17
Asta Kask Plikten Framfor Allt Rosa Honung
Attitude Adjustment Destruction's End Thrasher flexi, 2000 pressed w/o sleeve
Avskum Crucified by the System Prank clear vinyl
Banana Splits, The Kelloggs Presents the Banana Splits Hanna-Barbera Productions 4-song EP; originally a cereal premium
Bastard Controled in the Frame n/a bootleg
Bastard Sons of the Apocalpyse Merciless Slaughter 150 with screened sleeve
Besital Mockery/Axis Powers Tribute to J-17 #16 of 666
Bestial Mockery A Sign of Satanic Victory Warlord Records 913 of 1000, with insert
Big Black Heartbeat b/w Things To Do... Touch and Go
Big Boys Frat Cars "fanclub" includes bonus track
Bill Bondsmen, The The Swinging Sounds of... with insert
Black Clouds, The Moebius Strip b/w Cheap Beer Club Smash & Grab 157 of 250, 3-color screened cover
Blitz All Out Attack No Future
Blitz Warriors No Future
Bloody Skizz Gods Breaker Belgravia
Body, The Cop Killer b/w Dead Cops Corleone
Boorish Boot S/T Black & Blue
Born Without a Face Worship self released with sticker
Boss Fuel Bender b/w Just Like Anyone Else Would Over the Counter with insert; Providence band
Boss Fuel The Ride b/w Rumble Mambo Load with insert; Providence band
Boy On Fire The Russians b/w Mary Jane Jamit Recordz obscuro RI powerpop from '85
Brain Death A Personal Affair Selfish
Brain Handle 2nd EP Fashionable Idiots
Brain Handle s/t self released
Breathing Fire S/T Painkiller
Bumbklaat s/t Slaves to Darkness red wax
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowadays UA
Buzzcocks I Believe b/w Something's Gone Wrong Again IRS
Buzzcocks Love You More UA
Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict UA
Buzzcocks What Do I Get? UA
Career Suicide Sars EP Deranged with insert
Career Suicide Signals Slasher small hole with extra sleeve
Catatonics Hunted Down Anorexic Nympho with insert
Cause For Alarm s/t CFA could use a sleeve upgrade
Caustic Christ Government Job Havoc
Caustic Christ US Tour 2005 Havoc painted cover, green wax, ltd 500
Celebrity Murders Island of Man Eating Rats Chainsaw Safety 1-sided yellow wax with screenprint
Chaos UK Burning Britain Riot City
Chrome Anorexic Sacrifice Subterranean includes box set order form
Chudoku S/T Museum flexi disc
City Kent Cancer Heart Work
Conflict The House That Man Built Crass poster sleeve
Confrontation 1989 Misanthropic
Confrontation Dead Against the War Tribal War red wax
Confuse Spending Loud Night King's World
Confusion Civilization Standard of Rebellionflexi
Conga Fury Bullshit Disaster EP Crucial Records
Controllers Neutron Bomb b/w Killer Queers What
Controllers Suburban Suicide b/w Slow Boy/Do the Uganda Siamese original
Conversions s/t Namennayo
Cramps, The Let's Get Fucked Up b/w How Come You Do Me Medicine Label with jukebox card
Cramps, The Ultra Twist b/w No Club Lone Wolf Medicine Label
Crass Sheepfarming in the Falklands Crass includes poster
Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life S/T Standard of Rebellion
Crime Nucler Blood Uma Oi flexi
Crow 2005 Tour EP Prank red wax, ltd 500
Crow Konton Sin Crow
Crow Neurotic Organization Prank lavender wax
Crow Flock of Beast Prank white wax first press
Crow Vertigo/Occupied Japan Prank purple wax first press
Crow Vertigo/Occupied Japan Prank smoke wax Chaos in Tejas edition
Crow/Artimus Pyle split Mangrove
Cult Maniax Blitz b/w Lucy Looe Elephant Rock
Cult of Daath Razor War Nuclear War Now thickest vinyl I've ever seen; w/ poster
D.S.B. No Fight No Get Deranged red wax
Dag Vag Sant Ar Livet Ball Swedish new wave/reggae from '78
Damned Stretcher Case Baby b/w Sick of Being Sick Stiff red wax bootleg?
Darkness, The I Believe in a Thing Called Love b/w Makin' Out Atlantic/Must Destroy picture disc
Darkness, The Love is Only a Feeling b/w Planning Permission Destroy Music/Atlantic 220 gram picture disc, sleeve fully auto'd by whole band
Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia Cherry Red French pressing, plane sleeve
Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To Fuck Cherry Red French pressing, barcode on sleeve
Dead Person s/t Stomping
Dead Wretched Convicted Inferno
Dead Wretched No Hope For Anyone EP Inferno
Death Cycle/Holy Mountain split Gloom test press of 5" as a 7", ltd to 8
Death Sentence Death and Pure Distruction Lightbeat
Deep Wound s/t Radiobeat original, with lyric sheet
Dicks Dicks Hate the Police COC Records boot
Die Kreuzen Cows and Beer Barbarian official reissue, yellow sleeve
Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow Sorry State 3rd press red wax, ltd 550
Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow EP Sorry State with insert
Direct Control s/t Kangaroo
Dirty B.S. S/T Slasher 1st press ltd 300 on red wax
Discharge Realities of War Clay
Discharge Decontrol Clay
Discharge State Violence State Control Clay
Discharge The More I See Clay
Disclose/Framtid Chainsawtour 04 Whisper in Darkness
Disfuse/Power of Idea Japankore red wax with insert; 300 made; Providence band
DisorderDistortion to Deafness Disorder
DMZ First Time Is the Best Time b/w Teenage Head Telstar
Don Don Skulls EP Adventure Family
Donnas 40 Boys in 40 Nights b/w School's Out Lookout! import
Donnas Da Doo Ron Ron Super Teem
Donnas Finally a Classy Record From... Kryptonite
Donnas High School Yum Yum Radio X
Donnas Let's Go Mano! Radio X
Doom Police Bastard Profane Existance lyric sheet
Doosh Bags/Rated R split Roachender Providence bands
DRI Manifest Destiny Metal Blade square flexi disc
DRI Violent Pacification DRI with insert and sticker
Dropdead Hostile Insurgence/Spiral Objective 1000 pressed; Providence band
Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh split Armageddon
Dropdead/Totalitar split Prank 2nd press?
Dropdead/Totalitar split Prank 3rd press on grey/green wax; "less than 100" pressed of this color
Dropdead/Unholy Grave MCR 2000 pressed; Providence band
DTAL Time to Die Atom with insert
Dungbeetle Destroyer Load Providence band
Easy Action Do or Die Reptilian
EATER Doomsday Troops Ernst
Electric Prunes, The Hideaway b/w Dr Do-Good Reprise
Electric Prunes, The I Had Too Much to Dream... b/w Luvin Reprise
Exit Hippies Acid Rain 4 We Suck clear 1-sided flexi, gatefold sleeve
Exit Hippies Record and Fantasy Bong clear wax
Exit Hippies/Tantrum split Distort
Exploited Dead Cities Secret
Famous Monsters First Time Live! Estrus
Fartz Because This Fuckin' World Stinks Alternative Tentacles with insert
Fearless Iranians From Hell S/T Boner
Flag of Democracy Love Songs Speed of Sound pink sleeve; with lyric sheet
Flower Gang Guys With Glasses Boy Crazee
Flower Travelling Band Satori (Enlightenment) b/w Lullaby GRT with GRT inner sleeve
Forca Macabra A Raiz De Todo O Mal Rescued From Life
Forca Macabra/Corpus Christi split Genet
Formaldehyde Junkies Are A Total Wreck self released
Formaldehyde Junkies EP Fashionable Idiot
Forward Act Then Decide EP Blood Sucker pink wax
Forward Feel the Core of Self HG Fact with poster sleeve
Freeze Guilty Face Modern Method with insert
Fucked Up Baiting the Public Deranged
Fucked Up Dance of Death Deranged
Fucked Up Litany Test Pattern white wax
Fucked Up No Pasaran Deranged with poster
Fucked Up Police Deranged
Fucked Up/Haymaker split Deep Six
Funeral Shock s/t Controlled By Plague with insert
GBH No Survivors Clay
G.J.P.B. s/t Overthrow
Gagize Traculent Crime Half Alive flexi
Gai Extermination Blue Jug flexi
Gauze Prank
Genocide SS Iron Cross RSR "Official Bootleg"
Ghoul Carry Out Fucking Noise Room with insert
Ghoul Jerusalem Hold Up with insert
Ghoul Oi! Oi! Hold Up one sided flexi disc
godheadSilo Elephantitus of the Night b/w Multiple Organic Kill Rock Stars
Gokuraku Cho ? Sperm Factory Records 1 sided flexi disc
Gouka s/t PIC
Government Issue Legless Bull Dischord with lyric sheet and merch insert
Government Issue G.I.'s First Demo Spontaneous Combustion grey wax, lyric sheet, sticker; 402 pressed on grey (first press)
Government Issue Make An Effort EP Fountain of Youth/THD clear wax; third press of 1000(?)
Government Warning Arrested Grave Mistake tour sleeve ltd to 200
Government Warning No Way Out EP No Way
Government Warning Executed No Way/Grave Mistake black wax 1st press; i did the cover art on this
Government Warning Executed No Way/Grave Mistake No Way Fest edition
Government Warning Executed No Way/Grave Mistake red wax
Government Warning Executed No Way/Grave Mistake test press
Grabbies Live Peer Pressure Zombie pink wax, 1 of 300? cut/pasted sleeve
Great Whyte Lyin' Snake Eve of Destruction b/w U Can't Touch This Highly Collectable Records pre-Dropdead Providence band
Great Whyte Lyin' Snake Jolly Old St Nick b/w Last Christmas Highly Collectable Records one sided red wax; pre-Dropdead Providence band
Gringo/Fess Crimes R Us Roachender ; Providence bands
Gringo/The Fall River Overdrive split Roachender
Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle b/w Mr Brownstone Geffen with picture sleeve
Hammer More EP Ugly Pop 2004 Tour Edition, screen printed cover
Hammer Raw Tracks 2000 Deranged Records
Hammer Raw Tracks 2000 Deranged Records 2004 Tour Edition, screenprinted cover
Hated Principles Extermi-Nation Gothic Gospel
Hated Principles MTA Gothic Gospel #147 of 230
Headcleaners Disinfection EP Malign Massacre red sleeve
Headcleaners The Infection Grows Xcentric Noise
Hekawis, The Scalp Surfin' Telstar
Helen Keller Surfin With Steve and E.D.Amin Blitz mint OG with sleeve
Helium Pat's Trick b/w Ghost Car Matador
Helium Superball b/w Lucky Charm Matador
Hellshock s/t Whisper in Darkness
Hellshock Warlord Profane Existance white wax
Hentchmen Ypsilanti's Newest Hit Makers Estrus
Hermit Prose Down Beat Sect Crust War
Hi-Beams Hyperactive b/w White People New Breed Providence new waver circa '81
Hives, The Hate to Say I Told You So Gearhead yellow wax; this is my girlfriend's, don't laugh
Hives, The Main Offender Big Wheel Recreation blue wax; this is my girlfriend's, don't laugh
I Object s/t Punks Before Profits hand numbered test press 20 of 50 for release party; silk screened patch, one sided black wax with white streaks
I.R.D. Aldrig Kopt - Aldrig Sald EP Bridge Records/Combat Rock Ind
Ill Repute Oxnard, Land of No Toilets Mystic
Imperialist Pigs Cork Screw Pork Sword Fatal Erection
Inepsy See You In Hell Ineptik
Infest Mankind Deep Six pink wax
Infest S/T n/a white wax (boot)
Inmates Government Crimes Brainwashed/Bloodclot
Inmates Now We Talkin Hardcore Kangaroo
Insane Youth Breakthrough Blockbuster Dan Doh red wax
Insane Youth Not Give a Damn Blood Sucker
Itchies, The Hot Rod Johnny/Bomb Scare b/w Itchy Twitchy Big Dummy Providence band
Jam, The Funeral Pyre Polydor
Jam, The Strange Town b/w The Butterfly Collector Polydor no pic sleeve, yellow wax
Jesus Chrust Blasphemy Fudgeworthy green wax
Jesus Lizard, The Chrome b/w 7 vs 8 Touch and Go
Jesus Lizard, The Wheelchair Epidemic Touch and Go
JFA Blatant Localism Placebo 1st press; small spindle hole/glossy sleeve, with lyric sheet
Jhabara ...And Now And... HG Fact
Judgement Haunt in fhe Dark HG Fact with insert, gatefold sleeve
Judgement Night Brings HG Fact with insert
Judgement Just Be Prank orangey wax first press
Jurassic Jade A Cradle Song Rock House Explosion
Kaaos Nukke Havoc
Kaaos/Cadgers split Assel
Kieltolaki Kuoleva Systeemi EP Feral Ward black vinyl
Kieltolaki S/T MooCow
Kieltolaki Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen MooCow
Kieltolaki Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen Combat Rock red wax, Finnish press
Killing Children Certain Death Gravel Voice
Knife Fight Burning Bridges EP My War with insert
Knife Fight s/t My War
Kolokol Grundrisse Nakkeskudd Plater one sided 7" with poster, booklet, etc
Koro s/t Sorry State
Kort Process 1997 Heart First 2x7"
Kort Process s/t with booklet and insert
Krunch Hello Bob Massproduktion
Kruw Punx Partners In Crime
Kyojinbyo Black Current Hard Coar Museum flexi
Kyklooppien Sukupuutto Kuuluuko Meidan Todella? Blackprint
Kylma Sota/Death With a Dagger split Fight
La Peste Better Off Dead b/w Black Black
Landed Dairy 4 Dinner Load white wax, screened insert
Larm No One Can Be That Dumb self released with lyric sheet
Larm Extreme Noise Terrorism Kaal/Left Wing
Last Bomb Retro Firing Selfish
Laukaus Mika On Tuolla? EP Distort
Lebenden Toten Nuclear Flowers Wicked Witch
Lebenden Toten Poison Wave self released Japanese tour ep
Live Fast Die Guitar Star Your Permanent Records gold wax, i did the cover on this
Lone Surfer and His Super Pals Live at the Pony Express Pizza Parlour Planet Pimp #147/300
Los Invasores El Ejecutivo Lengua Armada/Inocencia Discos
Luzifer's Mob s/t Skuld
Madball Ball of Destruction Relativity
Maggots, The (Let's Get, Let's Get) Tammy Wynette Discourage black wax with booklet, insert
Malefice Overboard DSI blue vinyl 1989 reissue, stock copy
Man Is The Bastard Uncivilized LIve Deep Six purple wax
Man...or Astro-man? Astro Launch Estrus
Marching Plague Rock n Roll Asshole CIA with lyric sheet
Marked Men, The Nothing's Changed b/w She Won't Know Shit Sandwich
Martyrdod/Sunday Morning Einsteins We Walk the Line Instigate with insert
Mayhem Gentle Murder EP Riot City
Meat Puppets In A Car World Imitation
Mecht Mensch Acceptance Bone Air with lyric sheet
Members Sound of the Suburbs Virgin
Mentally Ill Gacy's Place Autistic 2nd press, black border on sleeve
Mentors Live in Frisco Super Seven
Mess S/T King's World flexi
Metal Skull Death Gutter the Guillotine High Society Satanic Records picture flexi #70/107
Minds, The We Got the Pop P Trash green marble wax
Misfits Beware n/a bootleg (duh)
Misfits Bullet Sub Rosa excellent quality bootleg with lyric sheet; 2nd pressing 1989
Misfits Cough/Cool b/w She n/a bootleg
Misfits Evil Is As Evil Does n/a bootleg; 1st pressing, 500 pressed 1987
Misfits Monster Mash Misfits.com green wax
Misfits Monster Mash Misfits.com glow-in-the-dark wax
Misfits Spook City USA b/w Rattfink & Children in Heat Plan 69 bootleg; 1st pressing, 1000 pressed 1989
Misfits Violent World No Trust bootleg; gray swirl vinyl; 1st pressing, 400 pressed 1989
Mob Step Forward Mob Style red vinyl OG, sleeve autographed by band
Mob 47 s/t Uproar OG first press, with insert
Mob 47 s/t Havoc official repress
Moderat Likvidation box set Havoc 3x7" wooden box, #24/100, with poster and badge
Mono Men, The Mystery Girl b/w Sin and Tonic Estrus
Morbid Opera Jesus Loves You--So Give Us Your Money! Sublapse with insert; female fronted artpunk c. '83 FL
Morbosidad Bajo El Egendro Del Crucifacado Bestial Onslaught
Mord I/II b/w III/IV Southern Lord one of 299 on red wax
Mummies S/T Pre B.S. with insert
Mummies, Larry Winther and his La Edicion Especial Planet Pimp #113/325; with order form
Mummies, The Get Late! Estrus 1995 reissue
Mummies, The That Girl/Test Drive b/w I'm Bigger.../Dirty.. Estrus 1996 reissue
Mummies, The/Supercharger Live at the Pits Demolition Derby Belgian import
Mummies/Wolfmen split SFTRI 2x7" with comic book
Negative Approach s/t Touch & Go 2nd press, with lyrics
Neon Maniacs/Cranked Up split Puke N Vomit
Neos Hassibah Gets the Martian Brain Squeeze Ratcage with insert
Neutral Nation Don't Get Hurt Big Bone Providence band
Neutral Nation Invasion of the Sumo Wrestler Providence band
Nightmare Footprints of the Wind Blood Sucker with lyric sheet
Nightmare/Skitkids split HG Fact
Nikudan Seppuku Lucky Strike Records flexi disc
Nirvana Sliver b/w Dive Sub Pop/Erika second pressing; pink wax
Nirvana/Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
NK6 s/t Blood Sucker
No ChoiceThe Sadist Riot City
No Comment Common Senseless
No Comment Downsided Slap A Ham clear wax
Nocturnal Fire of Revenge Bestial Onslaught
No Fucker s/t
NOTA Toy Soldiers Rabid Cat with insert
NOTA Moscow Unclean with insert
Operation Ivy Hectic EP Lookout! with insert
Outlets Sheila b/w A Valentine Song Throbbing Lobster backing vocals by Springa! haha
Outo Many Question, Poison Answer AA
Outo No Way Out Selfish with insert
Pagans Street Where Nobody Lives b/w What's This Shit Called Love? Drome original
Pentagram Living in a Ram's Head b/w When the Screams Come High Voltage no PS issued
Phantom Surfers, The Orbitron! Estrus
Pink Eye s/t Slasher 1st press, ltd 110 on white wax
Pink Flamingos Poppin' Eye Effect Thought Crime
Pink Flamingos s/t Farewell w/ 2 inserts
Pissed Jeans Throbbing Organ b/w Night Minutes Parts Unknown
Plasmid S/T poster sleeve, 3 inserts, button
Plastic Bertrand Pogo Pogo b/w Ca Plane Pour Moi Sire promo only, not for sale
Poikkeus s/t Crust War
Poison Idea Pick Your King EP Fatal Erection clear vinyl first press of 1000, with both inserts
Poison Idea Religion and Politics Insipid 2x7"
Poisonous Cross Gibbet Last Sheet Live Line Records flexi disc
Power of Idea s/t Tribal War
Protes Bengt In Bengt We Trust Roj first press
PTL Klub Nobody Cares Anymore Deathrasher
Professionals Join the Professionals Virgin
Professionals The Magnificent Virgin
Professionals Just Another Dream Virgin
Professionals One Two Three Virgin
Purple Ivy Shadows Cascade b/w Fire Eh My Pal God test press; Providence band
Rabid Grannies Inte Ditt :Problem Cage Match Federation
Rabid Grannies My Brain is Rotten Cagematch Federation
Rapes Murderer's Night Wild West with insert
Rat Pack s/t Mystic
Rattorna 15 Min Kvar Vinyl Bolaget
Rattus Rajoitettu Ydinsota Poko OG first press
Raveonettes, The That Great Love Sound b/w Bubblegum Columbia the girl at Newbury Comics gave this to me for some reason
Ravjunk EP Med Ravjunk Subverskivbolaget
Reality Crisis Who Is Your Messiah Crust War
Really Red New Strings For Old Puppets CIA
Red Alert Take No Prisoners No Future
Regulations Destroy Busted Head
Regulations s/t Putrid Filth with lyric sheet
Repos/Fourteen or Fight split Gloom one of 50 with blank white labels on purple marble wax
Repos/Fourteen or Fight split Gloom red wax
Riistetyt Kahleet Havoc white wax
Riistetyt Tuomiopaiva Havoc gray wax
RKL It's a Beautiful Feeling Mystic peach wax, cardstock cover
Rocky & the Sweden 844 Blood Sucker
Rocky & the Sweden Hardcore Grasshoppers Nat white wax with insert
Rocky & the Sweden Wake Up Anarchy Rider Blood Sucker with insert
Royal Crowns, The The Amazing Sounds of... Kingdom Providence band
Rude Kids Stranglers b/w Punk Will Never Die Polydor
Rudimentary Peni s/t Outer Himalaya with booklet
Rupture Freudstein's House Regurgitated Semen
S.O.B. Leave Me Alone Selfish with insert
S.O.B. Suck Up Brain Sounds of Burial flexi, no cover issued
S.O.B. Thrash Night Rise Above purple lettering on sleeve
S.O.B./Napalm Death split Sounds of Burial black flexi w/sticker & insert
Sabbat Hamaguri Resurrection Assaulter Productions with poster, insert
Scarce Hope All the Money blue wax; Providence band
Scholastic Deth Shackle Me Not 625
Schweinepest s/t Sonic 1984 German HC
Scourge Wrist- and Leg-Irons High Society Satanic gold wax ltd to 102 (302 total pressing)
Selfish S/T Genet
Septic Death Burial Mai So "fanclub edition" awesome quality boot
Sex Complex Class Geiin Fumei MCR flexi
Sex Complex Class Out of the Body MCR flexi
Sex Vid Nests Dom America red sleeve
Sex Vid Tania Dom America red sleeve, record release edition ltd 50
Sex Vid Tania Dom America 2nd press, b/w sleeve
Sex Vid Voyeur Dom America
Shellac The Bird is the Most Popular Finger Drag City with insert; sleeve contains actual photograph
Shellac The Rude Gesture: A Pictorial History Touch and Go with insert
Shellac Uranus Touch and Go with insert
Shitlickers s/t Malign Massacre red cover export version
Shoot It Up Train Tracks Proud To Be Idiot cream colored cover
Shoot It Up Pop Fashionable Idiots pink cover
Shoot It Up/Analingus split Riff Raff
short fast dead 6 Song EP Non-Prophet Records clear wax; white screened cloth cover with 3.5 floppy, #4 of 100
short fast dead 6 Song EP Non-Prophet Records clear wax; tan screened cloth cover with 3.5 floppy, #47 of 100
Short Fuse Blow My Fuse EP Badman Records with insert
Shotgun Solution Shotgun EP High Rise
Signal Lost You'll Never Get Us Down Again Prank blue wax
Simply Saucer I Can Change My Mind b/w She's a Dog Pig missing pic sleeve, but has original Pig Records inner sleeve
Six Finger Satellite Gun Court Singles Series Wabana with insert
Six Finger Satellite Live at the ACI Sub Pop Providence band
Six Finger Satellite Massive Cocaine Seizure Sub Pop Providence band
Six Finger Satellite/Green Magnet School Crippled Monster.. b/w Twelve Gauge etc Sub Pop four song double 7"; 6FS side on red wax, GMS side on yellow
Six Finger Satellite/Green Magnet School Weapon b/w White People Hippy Knight red wax; Providence band
Skabb '78 Mistlur
Skate Korpse Rochester Blues b/w Skate Hospital Art of the Underground #247/250
Skate Korpse s/t Punx Before Profits with insert
Skewbald Grand Union Dischord clear wax
Skitkids Valkomna Till Paradiset... 540
Skitkids/Exhale split Putrid Filth Conspiracy
Skullflower White Fang #2 Freek
Slipknot s/t Revelationred wax, with insert
Sloboban's Undergang Kommer Du Bli Lansam Min Van? GBG with insert
Snobb Slakt Satan self released
So What Injustice "fanclub" in 8" sleeve
Social Circkle Static Eyes No Way
Social Circkle I've Got Afflictions No Way
Solger s/t Bag of Hammers
Soul Swallower s/t Collapse purple wax
State No Illusions Statement with insert
Stooges 1970 b/w Not Right Elektra/Rhino 2005 pressing
Straight to Hell s/t Deadalive Providence band
Straight to Hell s/t Deadalive test press #8 of 10; different cover art than retail version
Strange Flesh Something's Wrong b/w Gates of Hell/Decline Death Head Providence band
Stray Cats Sexy & 17/Lookin' Better Every Beer etc EMI double 7" in gatefold sleeve
Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut b/w You Believe Me EMI no picture sleeve
Street Trash Five Dirty Fingers My War with insert
Strindbergs Kvasibarn b/w Trollbunden MNW
Strokes, The Hard to Explain BMG clear wax; this is my girlfriend's, don't laugh
Strokes, The Last Nite BMG red wax; this is my girlfriend's, don't laugh
Subhumans Demolition War Spider Leg
Subhumans Reason for Existance Spider Leg
Suckface Evangelist Hit Squad Highly Collectable Records red wax w/ insert; pre-Dropdead Providence band
Sunday Morning Einsteins Det Ar Synd Om Dom Rika Prank orange wax
Surf Nazis Must Die s/t Youth Attack 900 pressed on gold wax
Systematic Death Systema Seven Armageddon brown wax/black wax
Tampax Bastard Day b/w Police in the Cars Soa
Tampere SS Kuollut & Kuopattu Havoc
Tampere SS Sotaa EP Havoc Gray wax
Teenage Depression Skank or Die Bulldada with lyric sheet
Television Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2 Ork
Terveet Kadet "Horse EP" Alternative Action
Terveet Kadet Jeesus Perkale
Tetsu Arrey Rocket/Core HG Fact
Thee Headcoats/Lollipop I Wanna Get Fucked b/w Go To Hell Amphetimine Reptile
Third Death s/t Culturevoid black wax ltd 300, screened cover (i released this)
Third Death s/t Culturevoid blue wax ltd 100, screened cover (i released this)
Totalitar Klasse Inte Ras Prank
Totalitar Multinationella Mordare self released with insert, first press
Totalitar Spela Bort Allt Du Har Dod & Uppsvalld Records with insert
Totalitar Vansinnets Historia Crust
Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten Feral Ward
Totalitar/Autoritar split Black Water
Totuus ...Lisaa Lauluja Fight with lyric sheet
Totuus Kun Kuolema... Fight
Totuus s/t Fight one of 100 on yellow/red splatter wax
Toxic Holocaust Death Master Gloom Toxic Holocaust Deathmaster Gloom one of 50 mail order version; pink wax with acetate cover
Toxic Holocaust Death Master Gloom one of 60 with blank white labels on purple marble wax
Toxic Holocaust Power From Hell Iron Bonehead #16 of 500
Toxik Ephex Punk As Fuck EP Green Vomit first press, pasted xerox cover, w/insert
Toxik Ephex Punk As Fuck EP Green Vomit 2nd press, printed cover
Tragedy/Totalitar split Armageddon red on black cover, red wax; one of 200
Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock b/w The Kids Are Back Atlantic with picture sleeve
Ultra-Violent Crime For Revenge Riot City
United Beast Dominate Hold Up picture disc
United Destroy Metal Hold Up picture disc
United Mutation Fugitive Family Dischord/DSI with insert
Unwise Get Lost MCR with insert
Urban Blight S/T Deranged
Urban Waste S/T Mob Style original with both inserts
Uutuus Everything's Shit EP Prank white wax, first press
Uutuus Systeemin Rattaissa Genet
V/A Big City Ain't Too Pretty Big CityNo Thanks, Savage Circle, UV, XKI etc; with booklet
V/A Carbon 14 Six Finger Satellite/MX-80/Gone/Stinking Lizaveta; giveaway with Carbon 14 magazine
V/A Cry of Soul Crow His Hero is Gone/Selfish/Final Bombs/Crow
v/a Fuck You Spaceman! Planet Pimp red wax; "limited edition of 200;" features Mummies, Phantom Surfers, etc
V/A Hibachi Omnibus Vol 2 Hibachi Insane Youth, Upstab, Chainsaw, Bill Bondsmen, etc
V/A I've Got No Friends Fat Einstein clear wax; Gringo, Violent Anal Death, Degenerates etc
V/A Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1 Mystic purple wax; RKL, Ill Repute, False Confession, etc
V/A No Bullshit Vol 2 No Way green wax
V/A Outbreak of Evil Witching Metal Bestial Mockery, Toxic Holocaust, Vomitor, Nocturnal; black and red covers
V/A Outbreak of Evil Vol 2 Nuclear War Now Abigail/Villians/Midnight/Force of Darkness
V/A Outbreak of Evil Vol 4 Nuclear War Now Metal Skull/Strikemaster/Bludwulf/Possessor
V/A Pusmort Sampler Pusmort 7" and flexi; Septic Death, Outo, SOB, Ghoul Squad, etc
V/A Putrid Evil no label 3000 pressed, 1 sided red flexi with Septic Death, Civil Dissident, Stupids
V/A Recess: A Rhode Island Compilation Flux Uber Alles, Verbal Assault, 2 Guys and Another Guy
V/A Reproach Ugly Pop 8 bands cover Negative Approach; Dropdead, Spazz, etc
v/a Sides 1-4 Skin Graft double 7" and comic book set; Shellac, US Maple, etc do AC/DC covers
v/a Tales From Estrus No. 3 Estrus double 7" with comic book; Lord High Fixers, Makers, Impala, Drags
Valves, The Robot Love Zoom
Valves, The Tarzan of King's Road Zoom
Varukers, The I Don't Wanna Be a Victim! Inferno
Verse Four Songs Contrast yellow wax, 383 pressed; Providence band
Vice Squad Last Rockers Riot City
Vice Squad Resurrection EP Riot City
Victim No Salvation Ministry of Peace Providence band
Victims No Thanks to the Human Turd bootleg
Viimeinen Kolonna Onnellisuus Ahdistaa Fight
Violent Anal Death s/t Roachender Providence band
Violent Apathy Here Today Gravel Voice
Violent Minds Riot EP Parts Unknown
Von Ryan's Express Ghetto Pose b/w Lucky Sevens Sub Pop Providence band
Von Ryan's Express Up on the Block Load white wax; #403 of 790; Providence band
Von Ryan's Express/Laurels split Over the Counter/Load Providence bands; with insert
Walking Wreck Morphed Out xMikeFitzgeraldx one of approx 15 on green/yellow swirl with handcolored cover
War Ripper Hell Storm Hells Headbangers
Wards Don't Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II Medical no picture sleeve issued
Wards The World Ain't Pretty And Neither Are We self released blue wax
Warhead Cry of Truth Amok 2nd press
Warhead Drive It In Your Head Fast Nail poster sleeve
Warhead The Lost Self and Beating Heart Blood Sucker
Warhead/Order split HG Fact
Warheads Dagen Ar Natt Rip
Wasted Time No Shore Grave Mistake tour sleeve ltd to 150
Wasted Time s/t Grave Mistake
Weezer Hash Pipe b/w I Do Geffen
Weirdos Destroy All Music Bomp
White Cross Facist Zero Degree
White Stripes Fell in Love With a Girl b/w I Just Don' Know... XL
White Stripes There's No Home For You Here XL b/w I Fought Piranhas/Let's Make a Home
Widespread Bloodshed s/t We Are the Enemy blue wax
will.i.am & Prince Paul Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment Rhino green wax
Witchcraft If Crimson Was Your Color Rise Above clear vinyl
Witches Hammer s/t Nuclear War Now! diehard ed on green wax, with patch, poster, sticker, etc
Wolfbrigade/Audio Kollaps High-Tech Degradation Epistrophy with lyric sheet
World Downfall S/T Agromosh
Wretched In Nome Del Loro... Autoproduzione with insert
Wretched Finira Mai Autoproduzione with insert
X-ray Spex Day the World Turned Dayglow b/w Iama Poseur EMI dayglow orange wax
YDI A Place In The Sun Blood Bubble with lyric sheet and sticker
Youth Brigade What Price Happiness etc Better Youth Records black vinyl, no PS
Youth Korps '82 Crucial Response
Z Violence Action Z red flexi
Zadkiel Hell's Bomber Hold Up picture disc
Ziga S/T Jisatsu flexi; with insert
Zoe Crust War
8 inch records
Juden Sochi Voice of Fight Charge
Lebenden Toten Death Culture Deprivation Overthrow clear wax, Japanese press
Mess Brain Itches Selfish with insert
V/A Six Weeks Omnibus Six Weeks
10 inch records
Ashley Von Hurter & the Haters s/t Load #7 of 500; all original inserts, stickers, and button; Providence band
Chrome 3rd Seed From the Bud Man's Ruin clear vinyl
Crucified Mortals/Deceased split Hell's Headbangers blue/black splatter wax; i did the cover art for this
Effigy/Hellshock split Wicked Witch
Landed Why I Live b/w Hit the Land Vermiform screenprinted cover; Providence band
Midnight Farewell to Hell Nuclear War Now diehard edition of 200 w/bonus pic 7"
Six Finger Satellite Machine Cuisine Sub Pop with original inserts; Providence band
12 inch records
7 Seconds The Crew Better Youth Organization
Abigail Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now
Abigail / Syphilitic Vaginas split Rescued From Life 400 pressed
AC/DC '74 Jailbreak Atlantic
AC/DC Back in Black Atlantic
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Atlantic
AC/DC High Voltage Atco
AC/DC High Voltage Albert Productions OG Aussie press
AC/DC TNT Albert Productions OG Aussie press, gatefold
AC/DC Highway to Hell Atlantic
AC/DC Let There Be Rock Atco
AC/DC Powerage Atlantic
Accept Metal Heart Portrait
Accept Balls to the Wall CBS
Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier Epic
Adolescents s/t Frontier
Adrenalin O.D. The Wacky Hi-jinks of... Buy Our Records with lyric sheet and sticker
Afrika Korps Music to Kill By Gulcher with bonus 7"
After The Bombs Relentless Onslaught Vex gatefold cover
Afterbirth Big Baby Rasta b/w Medical Waste Black and Blue Providence band
Agent Orange Living in Darkness Posh Boy
Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm Combat
Alice Cooper Easy Action Warner Bros gatefold
Amazing Crowns, The Royal Time Bomb formerly "The Royal Crowns," then "The Amazing Royal Crowns"
Amebix Arise Alternative Tentacles original, with insert
Amebix No Sanctuary Spider Leg original, missing sleeve :(
Angel Witch s/t Earmark 180 g reissue
Angry Samoans Back from Samoa Aggressive Rock
Anthrax Spreading the Disease Island with lyric sleeve
Appendix Money is Not My Currency Rock O Rama with insert
Appendix Money is Not My Currency Hohnie great repress
Arab on Radar Queen Hygiene II Heparin their first lp; green/yellow screenprinted cover with screened insert
Armageddon s/t A&M 1975 hard rocker
Armored Saint March of the Saint Chrysalis
Articles of Faith Complete Vol. 1 1981-1983 Alternative Tentacles with order form
Articles of Faith Give Thanks Reflex promo stamped
Astronauts, The Surfin' With the Astronauts Stereo version
Ataraxia The Unexplained RCA
Athletic Automaton/Made in Mexico split Armageddon screened cover by Matt Brinkman
Atkins, Hasil Out to Hunch Norton
Atomic Rooster This Is... Gem
Attitude Adjustment American Paranoia Pusmort with printed inner sleeve
Avengers s/t CD Presents red wax
Avskum In The Spirit of Massdestruction Prank tour edition, 200 pressed purple wax, silkscreened cover
Bad Brains Black Dots Caroline
Bad Brains I Against I SST
Bad Brains s/t ROIR
Balance of Terror s/t Paralogy tour press; pasted cover, hand written labels
Bang s/t Capitol
Barrett, Syd The Madcap Laughs Harvest
Bastard Wind of Pain bootreg
Battallion of Saints Second Coming Nutrons/Enigma with insert
Battletorn Reflect the Filth Mad at the World
Be Bop Deluxe Axe Victim Harvest
Be Bop Deluxe The Best of and the Rest of Harvest 2xlp
Beastie Boys License to Ill Def Jam
Bee Gees Bee Gees' 1st Atco
Beguiled, The Blue Dirge Crypt
Bestial Mockery Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw Metal Blood orange/black splatter wax, 500 pressed
Bestial Mockery Evoke the Desecrator Osmose
BGK Nothing Can Go Wrong Alternative Tentacles with merch sheet
Big Black Atomizer Touch and Go
Big Boys Wreck Collection Gern Blandsten double album; one on blue wax, one on red wax
Birthday Party, The It's Still Living Missing Link
Birthday Party, The Junk Yard 4AD
Bizarros s/t
Bl'ast Power of Expression Wishingwell
Black Flag Annihilate This Week SST corner cut, ex-radio station copy
Black Flag Damaged SST
Black Flag First Four Years SST
Black Flag My War SST
Black Flag Slip It In SST OG press
Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out SST
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell Warner Bros
Black Sabbath Live at Last NEBS
Black Sabbath Master of Reality Sanctuary 180 gram reissue with poster
Black Sabbath Master of Reality NEMS dutch pressing
Black Sabbath Paranoid Warner Bros
Black Sabbath s/t Warner Bros
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Warner Bros
Black Sabbath Sabotage Warner Bros
Black Sabbath Vol. 4 Warner Bros
Black Sabbath Walpurgis - The Peel Sessions 1970 "fan club"
Black Sabbath Still Paranoid in '75 "fan club" live Asbury Park 1975
Black Task Long After Midnight Axe Records
Black Uniforms Splatter Punx on Acid Hardcore Holocaust purple splatter wax with insert
Black Widow Sacrifice Get Back 180g reissue
Blade Runner Official Sound Track
Blood Feast Face Fate New Rennaissance test press
Bloodcum Hard Core Demo Series Wild Rags with lyric and merch sheets
Bloodcum Death by a Coathanger Wild Rags with lyric sheet and poster
Blue Cheer New Improved Phillips
Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum Phillips stereo version
Blue Oyster Cult On Your Feet or On Your Knees CBS double live LP
Blue Oyster Cult s/t Columbia
Blue Oyster Cult Tyranny and Mutation Columbia
Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties CBS
Blues Magoos Psychedelic Lollipop Mercury
Body, The s/t Obscurist Press/Ooo-Mau-Mau w/insert; Providence band
Bomb Builder Deadful Melody Gloom #70 of 120 pressed
Bone Awl Meaningless Leaning Mess Nuclear War Now
Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded B-Boy/Landspeed 2 x 12" (reg/instrumental versions)
Born Against The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure Vermiform with inserts
Bowie, David Pin Ups RCA
Bowie, David Space Oddity RCA
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust RCA
BrainbombsObey Armageddon
Brat, The Attitudes Fatima w/insert, deadstock original
Brigada do Odio/Olho Seco split New Face w/insert
Buckner & Garcia Pac-Man Fever
Budgie In For the Kill MCA
Buffalo Volcanic Rock Akarma 180 gram repress, gatefold cover and lyric sheet
Buzzcocks A Different Kind of Tension IRS
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady IRS
Can Cannibalism Spoon 2xLP
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Lick My Decals Off, Baby Reprise 180g reissue
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) Warner Bros 180g reissue
Captain Beyond s/t Capricorn "3-D" cover
Captain Beyond Sufficiently Breathless Capricorn
Catholic Boys Psychic Voodoo Mind Control white wax
Celtic Frost Emperor's Return Noise with lyric sleeve and merch insert
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales Earmark
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion Combat/Noise gatefold with lyric sleeve
Channel 3 Fear of Life Posh Boy with lyric sheet
Chaotic Dischord Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics... Visionary
Chipmunks, The Chipmunk Punk Excelsior
Christ Child Hard Buddha cut corner
Christ on Parade Sounds of Nature Pusmort with printed inner sleeve
Christian Death Only Theater of Pain Frontier
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves Siren
Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album Enigma
Circle Jerks Group Sex Frontier
Cirith Ungol Frost and Fire Liquid Flames with lyric sheet
Cirith Ungol King of the Dead with lyric sleeve
Clash, The Combat Rock CBS
Clash, The Cut the Crap CBS
Clash, The London Calling CBS
Clash, The s/t CBS
Clorox Girls s/t Smart Guy
Clorox Girls This Dimension Smart Guy
Cock Sparrer Shock Troops Taaang 2xlp
Colera Tente Mudar O Amanha Devil Discos
Comus First Utterance Get Back 180g repress with bonus 12"
Concrete Sox Your Turn Next Weasel with insert
Controllers, The s/t Bacchus Archives
Corrosion of Conformity Eye for an Eye Toxic Shock
Corrosion of Conformity Animosity Death with insert
Cramps, The Flame Job Epitaph red wax
Cramps, The Songs the Lord Taught Us IRS
Crass Feeding of the 5000 Crass
Crass Penis Envy Crass
Crime San Francisco's Still Doomed Swami heavy wax with insert
Cro-mags Age of Quarrel Profile censored insert
Crow Bloody Tear Prank red wax
Crow Bloody Tear Prank clear/red splatter wax
Crow Hametsu No Haoto (The Beating of the Wings...) Crow red vinyl ltd to 400 (1000 total pressed)
Crucifucks s/t Alternative Tentacles with insert
Crude Immortality Deranged
Crumbsuckers Life of Dreams Combat
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry Fiction original UK pressing
Cure, The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit
Cryptic Slaughter Convicted Death with insert
Cryptic Slaughter Money Talks Metal Blade
Cut Throat s/t PIC one sided EP, b side etched
D.I. Horse Bites Dog Cries XXX
Damage Live Off the Boards CBGB
Damnation of Adam Blessing S/T shredded sleeve : (
Damned, The Damned Damned Damned Demon/Frontier yellow wax
Danzig Danzig II: Lucifuge Def American with original insert
Danzig s/t Def American
Dark Angel Darkness Descends Combat
Darkness, The Permission to Land Atlantic with poster and lyric sheet
Darkthrone The Cult is Alive Peaceville gray wax, gatefold
Darkthrone FOAD Tumult gatefold
Darvocets Authentic Music From Another Planet Painkiller1st press clear vinyl w/ glow in the dark screenprint
Darvocets Are New Wave Fashionable Idiots yellow cover w/ red paint, dolphins & razorblades cover
Dayglow Abortions Feed Us a Fetus Toxic Shock with lyric sheet
Dead Boys Young Loud & Snotty Sire
Dead Kennedys Bedtime for Democracy Alternative Tentacles with "Fuck Facts" newspaper and anti-censorship paper
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Alternative Tentacles no poster, sadly
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables IRS with poster; black back cover; has "Police Truck"
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red yellow back cover; does not include "Police Truck"
Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience of Give Me Death Alternative Tentacles
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust Inc. Alternative Tentacles
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters Alternative Tentacles/Statik Spanish
Dead Milkmen Big Lizard in My Backyard Fever with lyric sheet
Death Comes Along "First LP Mangrove 2 inserts and obi
Deathrow Riders of Doom Noise
Dean Dirg S/T
Debris' Static Disposal Anopholes 180 g clear vinyl; 1000 pressed
Deep Purple Fireball Warner Bros
Deep Purple In Rock Warner Bros
Deep Purple Machine Head Warner Bros
Dekapatator We Will Destroy... You Will Obey! BlackMetal.com 1000 pressed
Demolition Mob of Wolves Black Water
Descendents Liveage SST
Descendents Milo Goes to College SST
Desolation s/t Prank
Desordeiros A Lei Do Bicho Devil Discos with insert 1993
Desordeiros Do Brazil Devil Discos with insert 1987
Destruction Infernal Overkill Enigma/Metal Blade with insert
Destruction Release From Agony Steamhammer with lyric sleeve
Devo Are We Not Men?
Diamond Head Borrowed Time MCA
Dickies Incredible Shrinking Dickies A&M yellow wax
Dickies Great Dictations Vol 1 A & M
Dickies Stukas Over Disneyland PVC
Dicks Kill From the Heart SST with insert
Dictators Go Girl Crazy! Au-Go-Go Aussie press, with poster and inserts
Dictators Manifest Destiny Asylum
Dictators Blood Brothers Asylum
Die Kreuzen S/T Touch & Go with lyric sheet
Dio Last in Line Vertigo
Dio Rainbow in the Dark Jap press with obi
Direct Control You're Controlled Kangaroo first press
Direct Control/Strung Up split Tank Crimes blue/black wax ltd 500
Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Clay
Discharge Grave New World Rock Hotel
Discharge Why Clay red vinyl, shredded sleeve : (
Disritmia S/T Devil Discos w/insert, 1994
DJ Venom Retrotech Volume Productions blue wax; Providence DJ
DMZ Live at the Rat Bomp orange wax
DMZ Relics Voxx yellow wax
DMZ s/t Sire
DOA Bloodied but Unbowed CD Presents
DOA Let's Wreck the Party Alternative Tentacles
DOA War on 45 Alternative Tentacles
Doggy Style The Last Laugh with insert
Donnas, The American Teenage Rock 'n Roll Machine Lookout
Doo Rag What We Do
Doom s/t Flat Earth gatefold cover and booklet
Dr Know Best of Ghetto-Way with bonus 7
Dr Know Plug-in Jesus Ghetto-Way
Dr Know This Island Earth Restless/Death
Dr Octagon Instrumentalist double LP
DRI Dealing With It Beer City
DRI Dirty Rotten LP Dirty Rotten/Radical R first pressing
Dropdead Discography Clearview first press 11" black wax, 4250 pressed, with newspaper
Dropdead Live in Germany '98 Red C/Armageddon black on black cover; sold on 2003 Euro tour only, 500 pressed
Dropdead s/t (1st LP) Selfless first pressing; Providence band
Dropdead s/t (1st lp) Coalition 2nd true pressing, 1000 pressed, paper cover & insert
Dust Hard Attack Kama Sutra
Dwarr Animals reissue
DYS Wolf Pack Taang
Eater The Album Get Back
Ebba Gron We're Only In It For the Drugs Mistlur with insert
Einsturzende Neubauten Kollaps ZickZack
Electric Eels Eyeball of Hell Scat 2xlp 180g wax, with insert; gatefold cover
English Beat, The I Just Can't Stop It IRS
Eppu Normaali Aknepop Poko
Eric B & Rakim Paid in Full
Esquirita Vintage Voola Norton
Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac Shrapnel
Exciter Long Live the Loud Combat with lyric sleeve
Execute/Inferno Split Pusmort
Exodus Bonded by Blood Combat/Torrid
Exploited Live Lewd Lust Grand Slam
Exploited On Stage The Exploited Record Company red wax
Exploited Punk's Not Dead Secret
F You Are An EP missing inserts : /
Fabulous Wailers, The At the Castle Norton
Fall, The Live At the Witch Trials Earmark 180 gram double lp
Fall, The This Nation's Saving Grace Beggar's Banquet/PVC gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve
Fang Land Shark Boner with lyric sheet
Far East Family Band Nipponjin Mu Land with lyric sheet
Fear The Record Slash original
Fingernails s/t Cobra with insert
Fix, The At The Speed of Twisted Thought Touch & Go
Flesheaters, The Forever Came Today Ruby
Flesheaters, The Greatest Hits (Destroyed by Fire) SST
Fleshtones Up Front IRS
Flipper Sex Bomb Baby Subterranean printed inner sleeve and insert
Flower Travellin' Band Satori Warner Bros Japan original but missing insert and obi : (
Forca Macabra Caviera da Forca Hardcore Holocaust with insert
Foreign Objects Into the Squared Circle Breakthrough MA punk from '85
Forward Burn Down the Corrupted Justice HG Fact
Forward Fucked Up!! Ugly Pop with lyric sheet
Forward Just Go Forward to Death HG Fact with lyric sheet
Framtid Under the Ashes Black Water black/white marbled wax, screened cover
Freeze, The Land of the Lost Modern Method
Frijid Pink s/t Parrot
Fugazi s/t Dischord
Fugs Tenderness Junction Reprise gatefold
Funeral Shock s/t Six Weeks with lyric sheet, 800 pressed
FUs My America Xclaim with lyric sheet
Gang of Four Entertainment
Gang of Four Solid Gold
Gang Starr Step in the Arena
Gas 1982-1986 Partners in Crime with lyric sheet
Gastunk Dead Song Dogma with lyric sheet
Gauze Equalizing Distort Selfish with insert
Gauze Fuckheads Absolute Power w/booklet
Gauze Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte Prank 5th lp (first press)
GBH City Baby Attacked by Rats Road Runner
Gears, The Rockin' At Ground Zero Bacchus Archives
Generation X s/t Chrysalis
Generation X 4 Chrysalis four song EP
Germs, The What We Do Is Secret Slash
GG Allin and the Murder Junkies Terror in America Live 1993 Alive
GG Allin and the Scumfucks Eat My Fuc Blood original Xeroxed sleeve
Girl School Hit and Run Stiff
Girl School Screaming Blue Murder Solid Gold Records
GISM Detestation Dogma with poster
GISM Document One boot
Gloom Vakusatsu Seisin Hatansha Crust War
Goatsnake 1 Southern Lord 2xlp 180g reissue gatefold
Goatsnake Flower of Disease Southern Lord 180g reissue gatefold
Gorilla Angreb Bedre Tider Kick N' Punch
Goro, Yamaguchi A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky Nonesuch Japanese shakuhachi music
Gouka Program Putrid Filth Conspiracy
Government Issue Boycott Stabb Fountain of Youth/Dischord first press, black vinyl
Government Warning No Moderation Feral Ward maroon wax ltd 100? i did the cover art on this
Government Warning No Moderation Feral Ward black wax, i did the cover art on this
Government Warning No Moderation Feral Ward test press
Government Warning Paranoid Mess No Way/Grave Mistake black wax 1st press; i did the cover art on this
Government Warning Paranoid Mess No Way/Grave Mistake clear wax
Government Warning Paranoid Mess No Way/Grave Mistake No Way Fest edition
Government Warning Paranoid Mess No Way/Grave Mistake test press
Graveyard s/t Tee Pee
Grim Reaper See You in Hell RCA/Ebony
Groundhogs Split Akarma 180 gram
Grupo Sub 1 Tercer Grado En Leningrado La Vida Es Un Mus red wax, two inserts
Gudon 1984-1990 Partners In Crime 2xlp
Hackamore Brick One Kiss Leads to Another Kama Sutra
Hammer Fumidase, Nukedase, Bicchigire Deranged 1st press
Hansson, Bo Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings Charisma
Hawkwind s/t United Artists
Hawkwind Doremi Faso Latido United Artists
Hawkwind Hall of the Mountain Grill United Artists
Hawkwind Masters of the Universe Liberty
Hawkwind Warrior on the Edge of Time Atco with original inner sleeve
Heart Dreamboat Annie Portrait
Heart Little Queen Mushroom
Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. Track
Heavy Blanket s/t Tee Pee white wax
Hell, Richard & the Voidoids Blank Generation Sire
Hellhammer Demon Entrails Century Media 3xlp gatefold/booklet/poster
Hellshock Only the Dead Know the End of War with lyric sheet
Hendrix, Jimi Axis: Bold as Love Reprise
Hendrix, Jimi Smash Hits Reprise
Hexx Under the Spell Shrapnel
High Tide Sea Shanties Liberty
Hives, The Veni Vidi Vicious Epitaph/Gearhead white wax; this is my girlfriend's, don't laugh
Holden, Randy Population II Hobbit 180 gram reissue, signed and numbered #213/2000
Holocaust The Nightcomers Phoenix
Holocaust Heavy Metal Mania Phoenix 3 track EP
Holly & the Italians Right to Be Italian
Hubble Bubble S/T reissue
Hunter, Ian Shades of Ian Hunter Columbia double LP
Husker Du New Day Rising SST with printed inner sleeve
Hype Burned Fringe with printed inner sleeve
Ill Repute What Happens Next Mystic
Indigesti Osservati dall'Inganno TVOR black wax with insert
Inepsy Rock 'N Roll Babylon Feral Ward with lyric sheet
Infest Live on KXLU Deep Six
Infest No Man's Slave Deep Six
Infest Slave Deep Six white wax
Inmates, The Assholes Unanimous Presents... Painkiller
Iron Maiden 2 Minutes to Midnight b/w Rainbow's Gold/Mission EMI maxi single
Iron Maiden Aces High b/w King of Twilight/Number... EMI Number of the Beast is live
Iron Maiden Flight of Icarus b/w I've Got the Fire EMI maxi single
Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Army EMI Japan Jap press with obi and bilingual lyric sheet
Iron Maiden Killers EMI
Iron Maiden Live + 1 EMI Japan Jap press with obi and bilingual lyric sheet
Iron Maiden Live After Death Capitol 2xlp with printed sleeves and poster
Iron Maiden Maiden Japan Harvest
Iron Maiden Maiden Japan EMI French pressing "45 Tours 45 Titres" top-loading cover
Iron Maiden Number of the Beast Harvest/EMI with lyric sleeve and merchandise order form
Iron Maiden Number of the Beast b/w Remember Tomorrow EMI B side is live; Dickenson vocals
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Capital with lyric sleeve
Iron Maiden Powerslave Capital with lyric sleeve
Iron Maiden Run to the Hills b/w Total Eclipse EMI German pressing "maxi single"
Iron Maiden Running Free b/w Sanctuary/Murders in the Rue... EMI live EP; Dickenson vocals
Iron Maiden s/t Harvest
Iron Maiden Sanctuary/Prowler b/w Drifter/I've Got the Fire EMI B-side is live; Dianno vocals
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time EMi with sleeve
Iron Maiden Twilight Zone EMI Maxi Single
Iron Maiden Wasted Years EMI Maxi Single
Iron Maiden Women in Uniform b/w Drifter/Phantom... EMI B side is live; Dianno vocals
Iron Maiden Women in Uniform/Invasion EMI b/w Phantom of the Opera (live)
Iron Maiden Maidens Back From Hell Jump 2xlp live '86 bootleg
Jabara Why We Wish Prank
Jam, The In The City Polydor
James Brown The Big Payback Polydor
Jerry's Kids Is This My World Xclaim with printed lyric sleeve
Jerusalem s/t Rockadrome amazing reissue of the Deram lp
Jesus and Mary Chain Psycho Candy Reprise
Jesus Lizard, The Down Touch and Go
Jesus Lizard, The Shot Capitol red wax
Jesus Lizard, The Show Collision Arts/Giant yellow wax
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts I Love Rock n Roll Boardwalk
Judas Priest British Steel CBS
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith CBS
Judas Priest Hell Bent for Leather Colombia
Judas Priest Point of Entry CBS
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla Visa
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny RCA
Judas Priest Sin After Sin RCA
Judas Priest Turbo CBS
Judas Priest Unleashed in the East Columbia
Kansan Uutiset Beautiful Dreams Rock O Rama
Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos Havoc
Kaaos Totaalinen Kaaos Hohnie great repress
Khanate No Joy (Remix) b/w Dead Load red wax
Khanate Things Viral Load 2 x lp, gatefold sleeve
Kids, The s/t "Philips" bootleg
Kieltolaki Discography Feral Ward tour edition
Kieltolaki Discography Moocow i did the cover art on this
Kieltolaki Discography Moocow test press[/font color.; i did the cover art on this
King Diamond Fatal Portrait Greenworld/Roadracer
King Khan & BBQ Show s/t Goner
Kiss Alive! Casablanca
Kiss Destroyer Casablanca
Kiss s/t Casablanca
Kohu 63 Valtaa Ei Loistoa Poko with lyric sheet
Kohu 63 Sotaa 82/83 Hohnie heavy vinyl repress
Konsum Terror Fahrt Zur Hölle X-Mist heavy vinyl repress
Kraftwerk The Man-Machine Capitol
Kraut An Adjustment to Society Cabbage with insert; rough shape : (
Kreator Endless Pain Noise
Kreator Flag of Hate Combat US version with 3 extra songs
Kreator Pleasure to Kill Combat
Krokus Headhunter
Lair of the Minotaur Carnage Southern Lord 666 pressed, red wax, silkscreened cover
Landed Times I Despise Load ltd to 700
Last Bomb Final Bomb Selfish with lyric sheet
Legend Death in the Nursery Workshop with lyric insert
Les Rallizes Denudes Heavier Than a Death in the Family Phoenix 2xlp
Les Rallizes Denudes Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes Phoenix
Liege Lord Burn to My Touch Metal Blade with lyric sleeve
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow Load one of 500 pressed on clear wax; w/ insert; Providence band;
Lip Cream 9 Shocks Terror Selfish with insert
Lip Cream Kill the IBM Terror Shocks Discs bootleg
Lip Cream Kill Ugly Pop Captain with insert
Lip Cream S/T Selfish xeroxed insert
Litter, The $100 Fine Get Hip 180g reissue
Litter, The Distortions Get Hip 180 g reissue
Lobotomia s/t New Face with lyric sleeve
Look Back and Laugh s/t Lengua Armada silkscreened cover/sleeve, black wax
Look Back and Laugh s/t (2nd lp) Lengua Armada
Los Crudos Canciones Para Liberar... Lengua Armada silkscreened corrugated cover, with newspaper
Loudness Thunder in the East Nippon Columbia Japanese pressing with obi
Love Reel to Real RSK with cardstock inner sleeve; dj promo
LSD Discography Schizophrenic ltd 100 with screened cover and blue wax
Lucifer Black Mass Uni
Lucifer's Friend s/t Billingsgate white label promo
Lyres Nobody but Lyres Taang!
Lyres Some Lyres Taang!
M.O.D. U.S.A. for M.O.D. Megaforce
Mach II s/t Outlaw
Malice In the Beginning Atlantic with inserts
Man Is The Bastard Sum of the Men Vermiform with inserts
Man or Astroman? Experiment Zero Touch and Go
Man or Astroman? Is it... Estrus
Manowar Battle Hymns Liberty
Manowar Into Glory Ride Megaforce with printed inner
Manowar Hail to England Music for Nations with printed inner
Manowar The Sign of the Hammer 10 with printed inner
May Blitz s/t Paramount (?) original, with gatefold sleeve (saw mark)
Mayhem The Studio Experience Season of Mist Box set: 4 x 12" lps and a 7", foil stamped sleeves
MC5 Kick Out the Jams Elektra edited version
MC5 High Time Atlantic
MDC Millions of Dead Cops R Radical with lyric sheet, 2nd press (black border)
Meat Puppets S/T SST
Meat Puppets II SST with lyric sleeve
Meatmen, The We're the Meatmen...And You Suck! Touch and Go
Megadeth Peace Sells....But Who's Buying? Capitol
Megadeth So Far, So Good...So What! Capitol with printed inner
Mekong Delta The Music of Erich Zann Steamhammer with lyric sleeve
Mercyful Fate s/t aka Nuns Have No Fun Rave On black bordered cover
Mercyful Fate Don't Break the Oath Road Runner with lyric sleeve
Mercyful Fate Melissa Megaforce with lyric sheet
Mess Ship of Death Bloodsucker
Messiah Powertrash/The Infernal Thrashening Iron Pegasus
Metal Church s/t Elektra
Metallica Creeping Death Music For Nations
Metallica Garage Days Re-revisited Elektra out of print
Metallica Jump In The Fire Music For Nations
Metallica Kill 'Em All Elektra/Asylum with original sleeve
Metallica Master of Puppets Elektra with lyric sleeve
Metallica Ride the Lightning Megaforce/Important with original sleeve
MIA Lost Boys Alternative Tentacles double LP on orange wax
Mind Eraser Cave Painkiller 1025 pressed
Mind Eraser Glacial Reign Painkiller
Mindflayer Die & Mold Corleone 100 pressed on 220 gram brown/green splatter wax; silkscreened cover
Mindflayer Take Your Skin Off Bulb screenprinted cover; Providence band
Ministry Everyday is Halloween b/w All Day Wax Trax
Ministry Stigmata b/w Tonight We Murder Sire
Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey Sire
Ministry The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste Sire
Minor Threat Out of Step Dischord UK press, red letters
Minutemen 3 Way Tie for Last SST
Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime SST double LP
Misfits Beware n/a bootleg; 7th pressing 2000
Misfits s/t aka Collection 1 Caroline
Misfits Collection 2 Caroline red wax; 6000 pressed
Misfits Collection 2 Caroline green wax; 3500 pressed
Misfits Earth AD/Wolf's Blood Caroline
Misfits Evilive Caroline
Misfits Horror Business Sessions Vol 1 n/a excellent Polish bootleg picture disc with Crimson Ghost on both sides
Misfits If You Don't Know This Song.../Beware Culo del Mundo bootleg
Misfits Live on WCBN Michigan n/a live bootleg; first (only) pressing 1989
Misfits Static Age Caroline
Misfits Walk Among Us Warner Bros 5th pressing, with lyric sheet
Modern Lovers The Original Modern Lovers Bomp 180 gram reissue
Monks Black Time International
Moondog s/t Colombia gray labels, gatefold
Morally Bankrupt S/T Slime with insert
Morbosidad Cojete A Dios Por El Culo Evil Morgue Lyric sleeve
Motley Crue Shout at the Devil Elektra
Motley Crue Too Fast for Love Elektra
Motorhead Another Perfect Day Mercury
Motorhead England (box set) Earmark includes Bomber on blue wax, Overkill on green, and Ace of Spades on gold; limited edition of 1000 made
Motorhead No Remorse Bronze/Island double LP; missing leather sleeve :(
Motorhead On Parole EMI
Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes Columbia
Mr Lif Emergency Rations EP
Mummies, The Never Been Caught Telstar
Mummies, The Party at Steve's House Pin Up
Mummies, The Play Their Own Records Estrus
Mummies, The Runnin' on Empty Vol. 2 Estrus
Mummies, The Tales from the Crypt
Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation Earache gray wax, with booklet
Municipal Waste Waste 'Em All Six Weeks 2nd press of 1000 on red wax
Murasaki Starship Bourbon 1975 jap Deep Purple worship
Murphy's Law s/t Profile green wax
MX s/t Big Bubble Providence band
MX-80 Out of the Tunnel Ralph
N.O.T.A. s/t Rabid Cat sealed
Nao Religiao Pergaram Jesus Pra Cristo Eldorado with lyric sleeve
Naked Raygun Throb Throb Homestead first press with lyric sheet
Napalm Cruel Tranquility Steamhammer with lyric sleeve
Necronomicon s/t Wave
Necropolis Contemplating Slaughter Bomp with printed inner sleeve
Necros Conquest for Death bootleg with all the 7"s included
Negative Approach Tied Down Touch & Go purple cover, with insert
Negative FX S/T Taang black vinyl 1st press
Neon Bitches s/t Yellow Dog Dropdead/Straight to Hell members
Neon Bitches s/t Yellow Dog screened cover ltd edition; i did the cover art on this
Nervous Eaters s/t gold stamped promo
Neutral Nation It's a Bash! Big Bone with original poster; Providence band
New York Dolls s/t Mercury with original sleeve and labels
New York Dolls Too Much Too Soon Mercury original labels
Nig Heist Snort My Load Thermidor
Nightmare Scatterraw Putrid Filth Conspiracy gray wax tour edition with insert
Night Sun Mournin' Decca not a repress
Nihilistics s/t Brain Eater with zine
Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance Relapse picture disc
Nirvana Bleach white vinyl, gotta be a bootleg
Nocturnal Arrival of the Carnivore Deathstrike Records gatefold with poster
Nocturnal Thrash With the Devil Deathstrike/Headbangers... with insert; #324 of 500
November En Ny Tid Ar Har Sonet
Noxagt Turning it Down Since 2001 Load
Nugent, Ted Cat Scratch Fever Epic
Nugent, Ted Free For All Epic
Numbskull s/t My Mind's Eye
Observers s/t
Olho Seco/Brigada do Odio split New Face w/insert
Olneyville Sound System What is True, What is False Load orange wax; Providence band
Onslaught Power From Hell Under One Flag with lyric sleeve
Operation Ivy Energy Lookout with lyric sheet
Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard of Ozz Jet
Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard of Ozz Jet
Osbourne, Ozzy Diary of a Madman Jet
Osbourne, Ozzy Speak of the Devil Jet double live Lp, all Black Sabbath songs
Outo s/t Selfish
Overkill Taking Over Atlantic sealed
Pagans Shit Street Crypt
Pagans The Pink Album Crypt
Panacea Low Profile Darkness EFA double 12"
Parallel 5th s/t self obscuro RI powerpop w/ surf influence circa '84
Pay Toilets Freedom Rock/Wet and Wild USA White Denim 525 pressed on one-sided brown wax
Pentagram First Daze Here Relapse 2xlp gatefold, yellow vinyl
Pentagram First Daze Here Too Relapse 2xlp gatefold, brown vinyl ltd to 300
Pere Ubu The Modern Dance Blankfirst US press
Phair, Liz Whip-Smart Matador white wax
Pilgrim State Effective Spiritual Warfare New Underground w/insert
Pink & Brown/Death Drug Split Load Series #2 Load pink wax, screenprinted cover
Pink and Brown Shame Fantasy II Load
Pink Floyd A Nice Pair Harvest
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Harvest
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moo n/a bootleg; band is billed as "The Screaming Abdabs"; good Barrett-era stuff
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Harvest
Pink Floyd Masters of Rock EMI some good Barrett-era rarities
Pink Floyd Meddle Harvest
Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn Colombia
Pink Floyd Relics Harvest
Pink Floyd The Wall Columbia
Pink Floyd Umma Gumma Capitol
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Columbia
Pixies Come On Pilgrim 4AD
Plasmatics Metal Priestess PVC
Plasmatics New Hope for the Wretched Stiff America
Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi Sire
Poison Idea Feel the Darkness Farewell
Poison Idea Ian Mackaye In Your Face
Poison Idea Kings of Punk Pusmort with sticker
Poison Idea Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes Taang green wax
Possessed Beyond the Gates Combat with inner sleeve and fold out cover
Possessed Seven Churches Road Runner with insert
Professionals I Didn't See It Coming EMI
Proletariat, The Soma Holiday Radio Beat
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Def Jam
Public Image Ltd First Issue
Public Image Ltd Second Edition double LP
Quattro, Suzi s/t Bell
Queensryche s/t EMI
Rainbow Long Live Rock and Roll Polydor
Rainbow Rising Polydor
Ramones End of the Century Sire
Ramones Leave Home Sire barcode, "Sheena" replaces "Carbona"
Ramones Rocket to Russia Sire 1st press, printed inner
Ramones Road to Ruin Sire early press w/o barcode, printed inner
Ramones s/t Sire 180g reissue
Ramses Apocalipsis Comrock killer mexican metal! like priest meets deep purple
Raped Teenagers Kallas Puffar Over the Top with lyric sheet
Ratt Out of the Cellar Atlantic
Rattus s/t Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records with lyric sheet; reissue of Ratcage lp
Rattus The Poko Recordings 1981-1984 Zurich Chainsaw Massacre 2xlp gatefold
Raunch Hands, The El Rauncho Grande Relativity
Raunch Hands, The Pay Day Crypt
Raven All for One Neat
Raven Rock Until You Drop Neat
Raxola s/t Radio Heartbeat official repress
Real Kids, The s/t Norton
Red Cross s/t Posh Boy "party sleeve" silver labels
Red Kross Born Innocent Frontier sealed repress (corner cut)
Reed, Lou Metal Machine Music RCA 2xlp, cut out
Regulations Electric Guitar Havoc blue wax, ltd 500
Regulations s/t Havoc with lyric sheet
Replacements Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash Twin Tone
Repos, The s/t Youth Attack/Fork Burn with insert, 1000 pressed
Restos de Nada S/T Devil Discos with insert
Rezillos Can't Stand The... Sire with insert
Righteous Jams Rage of Discipline Lockin' Out gold wax with insert
Riistetyt As A Prisoner of State Hohnie with insert
Riistetyt Skitsofrenia Hohnie great repress
Riot Narita Capital
Riot Restless Breed Capital
Riot Fire Down Below Elektra
Riot Thunder Steel CBS
Rip Chords, The Hey Little Cobra Columbia
Rocky & the Sweden THC Partners in Crime
Rods, The s/t Arista
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet London
Rolling Stones, The Big Hits (Hight Tide and Green Grass) London Mono version
Rolling Stones, The Big Hits (Hight Tide and Green Grass) London Stereo version
Rolling Stones, The Goats Head Soup Rolling Stone Records
Rolling Stones, The Hot Rocks 1964--1971 London
Rolling Stones, The Let it Bleed London
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls Rolling Stone Records die cut cover
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You Rolling Stone Records die cut cover
Rolling Stones, The Through the Past Darkly: Big Hits Vol 2 London
Runaways Queens of Noise Mercury
Runaways s/t Mercury
Rupture Cunt of God Rhetoric
Rush 2112 Mercury
Rush s/t Mercury
S.O.B. Don't Be Swindle Selfish with insert
S.O.D. Speak English or Die Megaforce
Saccharine Trust Pagan Icons SST with insert
Sacrilege Behind the Realms of Madness Pusmort
Sacrilege BC Party With God Alchemy with lyric sheet
Sam and Dave Double Dynamite Stax
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs Little Red Riding Hood
Samhain Initium Caroline first press black vinyl, no lyric sheet
Samhain November Coming Fire Caroline with lyric sheet
Samhain Unholy Passion n/a nice quality bootleg; pink wax with lyric sheet
Satan Court in the Act Roadrunner
Saturation s/t
Savoy Brown Blue Matter Parrot gatefold
Saxon s/t Carrerre
Saxon Power and the Glory Carrerre
Scapegoat s/t Painkiller
Schulze, Klaus Blackdance Brain
Scorpions Lonesome Crow Bomb
Scorpions Taken By Force RCA
Scorpions Fly to the Rainbow RCA
Scorpions In Trance RCA
Screamers Demos 1977-78
Sebadoh Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock Sub Pop green wax
Selecter, The Too Much Pressure Chrysalis
Selkkaus Luokkataistelu - Teoria... with lyric sheet
Septic Death Now That I Have the Attention...Pusmort with lyric sleeve
Sex Pistol Nevermind the Bollocks Warner Bros
Sex Pistols Flogging a Dead Horse Virgin
Sex Pistols Never Trust a Hippy Hippy
Sex Pistols The Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle Virgin double LP
Sex/Vid Communal Living Dom America with insert
Shellac At Action Park Touch and Go
Shit Dogs World War III Get Hip
Siege s/t Six Weeks reissue of the classic "Drop Dead" demo
Signal Lost Children of the Wasteland Prank with lyric sheet and poster
Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited Get Back! 180 g reissue
Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come Mercury
Six Finger Satellite Clone Theory Load Providence band
Six Finger Satellite Paranormalized Sub Pop Providence band
Six Finger Satellite s/t Sub Pop Providence band
Six Finger Satellite Severe Exposure Sub Pop includes bonus 12" remix; Providence band
Six Finger Satellite A Good Year For Hardness Anchor Brain
Skate Korpse S/T Punks Before Profits screened cover
Skitkids Onna For Pleasure Kick N Punch
Skrewdriver Back With a Bang Boots and Braces
Slade Alive
Slade Slayed?
Slaughter Bite Back DJM
Slaughter and the Dogs Do It Dog Style "Decca" boot
Slayer Haunting the Chapel Enigma/Metal Blade cover only, no vinyl!
Slayer Reign in Blood Def American
Slayer Show No Mercy Roadrunner with insert
Slayer South of Heaven Def Jam with orig inner sleeve
Sleep Dopesmoker Tee Pee 2x12"
Slickee Boys Uh Oh....No Breaks Twin/Tone cut corner
Small Faces Early Faces MGM
Snake Apartment/Work-Death split Corleone screenprinted cover
Sodom Obsessed By Cruelty Metal Blade with insert
Sonics, The Here Are the Sonics Norton
Sonics, The Introducing the Sonics Beat Rocket 180g reissue
Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight Go International Italian pressing
Specials More Chrysalis
Specials s/t Chrysalis
Squirrel Bait s/t Homestead with insert
Squirrel Bait Skag Heaven Homestead with insert
SSD Get It Away Xclaim with insert
St Vitus Hallow's Victim SST
St Vitus Mournful Cries SST with lyric sheet
St Vitus Born Too Late SST
St Vitus Heavier Than Thou SST 2xlp
Stalin, The Stop Jap Climax with lyric sheet
Stalin, The Trash Nagasaki Nightmare
Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material Rough Trade with insert
Stockhausen Sternklang Deutsche Grammophon 2xlp, cutout (saw mark)
Stooges, The Fun House Sundazed 180 g reissue
Stooges, The Raw Power Columbia
Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem split bootleg
Straight to Hell Commence the Apocalypse Gloom band edition, ltd to 25ish
Straight to Hell Commence the Apocalypse Gloom screened cover, i have a couple diff colors (i did the cover art on this)
Straight to Hell We Will Bury You Deadalive one of 200 on purple wax; Providence band
Subhumans From the Cradle to the Grave Bluurg
Subhumans The Day the Country Died Bluurg
Suburban Mutilation The Opera Ain't Over... Reamed Pork
Suicidal Tendencies s/t Frontier red wax
Suicide s/t Red Star 1999 reissue on heavy vinyl
Sun Ra Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow Saturn repress
Sunday Morning Einsteins Kangknave Prank
Super Super Blues Band, The s/t Chess Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Bo Diddley; not as good as you would think
Supercharger Goes Way Out! Estrus
Supernaut s/t Decca
Sweet Desolation Boulevard Capitol with lyric sleeve
Sweet Level Headed Capitol with original sleeve; cutout
Syphilitic Vaginas S/T Rescued From Life screenprinted sleeve, 135 total pressed
Syphilitic Vaginas S/T Hardcore Holocaust 3rd press, blue lettering
Syphilitic Vaginas / Abigail split Rescued From Life 400 pressed
Systematic Death Systemania Vol 1 Partners in Crime 2xlp, red/black wax with poster #11/150
Systematic Death Systemania Vol 2 Partners in Crime 2xlp, red/black wax
T.Rex Electric Warrior Reprise
T.Rex The Slider Warner Bros
Takashi Kamikaze Killers Mongol Horde
Tales of Terror s/t CD Presents
Tangerine Dream Phaedra Virgin gatefold
Tangerine Dream Rubycon Virgin gatefold
Tangerine Dream Stratosfear Virgin gatefold
Tank Filth Hounds of Hades Kamoflage
Tankard Chemical Invasion Noise with lyric sleeve
Tar Babies Face the Music Bone Air
Taramis Queen of Thieves Metal Blade
Television Marquee Moon Sire
Terrorama Horrid Efface Nuclear War Now 180 gram vinyl
Terveet Kadet Aareton Propaganda Hohnie official repress, includes ltd 100 red wax 7"
Terveet Kadet s/t Propaganda
Testament the Legacy Atlantic printed inner sleeve
Thee Headcoats Beach Bums Must Die Crypt
Thee Headcoats Earls of Sauvedom Crypt
Thee Hydrogen Terrors Terror, Diplomacy, and Public Relations Load one of 100 pressed on red wax w/ black streaks; silkscreened cover, Providence band
Thin Lizzy Johnny the Fox Mercury with inner sleeve
TNT s/t Vertigo
Totalitar Ni Maste Bort Prank red wax
Totalitar Sin Egen Monstandare Prank white wax, with insert
Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten Prank clear vinyl, gatefold, with bonus 7"
Totalitar/Dismachine split
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies Nuclear War Now diehard edition, #43 of 200; yellow/white wax, patch, poster, sticker, etc etc
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies Hell's Headbangers picture disc w/diecut cover; #59 of 333
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies Hells Headbangers pic disc "overkill edition" ; i did the art on the disc
Toxic Holocaust Hell on Earth Hells Headbangers pic disc, i did the art on the back cover
Toxic Reasons Bullets for You Treason
Trapeze Medusa Threshold shredded sleeve : (
Trouble s/t Steamhammer with lyric sleeve
Tudor Ultra Black Metal Nuclear War Now 2x12" w/ 7" diehard edition of 300 with obi, sticker, patch, etc
Tuomiopaivan Lapset Discography Power It Up 2 x 12"; white and red wax with poster, catalog, insert
Turner, Ike and Tina & the Ikettes Come Together Liberty
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry
Twisted Sister Under the Blade Secret
Twisted Sister Under the Blade Atlantic
Twisted Sister I Am (I'm Me) EP Atlantic
Twisted Sister The Kids Are Back EP Atlantic
Twisted Sister You Can't Stop Rock n Roll EP Secret
Tygers of Pan Tang Spellbound MCI
Tygers of Pan Tang Wild Cat MCA
Typhus Discography Absolute Power
Tysondog Beware of the Dog Neat with lyric sheet
U.K. Subs Brand New Age Gem/RCA
UFO Flying (UFO 2) Beacon
UFO Phenomenon Chrysalis
UFO Force It Chrysalis
UFO Live in Japan AKA
Undead, The Never Say Die! Post Mortem with lyric sheet
Upsidedown Cross S/T Taang
Uriah Heep Best of Mercury
Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards Mercury
Uriah Heep The Magician's Birthday Mercury
Uutuus Loppu On Lahella Genet
V/A A Farewell to Arms Nuclear Blast test press; Gauze, Outo, Lip Cream etc
V/A All Hard Modern Method The Freeze, Gang Green, Oysters, etc
V/A Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit...NR.2 boot Dutch punk comp: BGK, Pandemonium, Zmiv, etc
V/A American Youth Report Bomp Descendents, MIA, TSOL, Flesheaters, etc
V/A Another Shot for Bracken BYO 7 Seconds, Flag of Democracy, etc
V/A The Blasting Concept SST Black Flag, Overkill, Stains, etc
V/A Blood on the ROQ Quiet Black Flag, Shattered Faith, Nuns, etc
V/A City History Big Bubble 2x12" Providence compilation
V/A Cleanse the Bacteria Pusmort 7 Seconds, Execute, Septic Death, Mob 47, etc
V/A CoversMystic RKL, Govt Issue, False Confession etc
V/A Dance Craze Chrysalis Selecter, Specials, Bad Manners, etc
V/A Empty Skulls Vol 2 Fart Blossom EATER, COC etc
V/A Flex Your Head Dischord 1985(?) reissue, with poster; Youth Brigade, Iron Cross, Void, Minor Threat, etc
V/A Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol 1 Gasatanka Undead, Gov't Issue, Kraut, etc
V/A Four Bands That Could Change the World 7 Seconds/White Flag/F/Adrenaline OD
V/A Game of Death Slice Final Bombs, Ghoul, Poison Arts, Death Side; with insert
V/A Great Punk Hits Japan w/insert and obi; GISM, The Clay, G-Zet etc
V/A Hardcore Unlawful Assembly boot GISM, Zouo, Laughin Nose etc
V/A Killed by Death #20 Redrum Gizmos, Nails, MX-80 Sound, etc
V/A Killed by Death Vol 2 Redrum red wax
V/A Killed by Death Vol 5 Redrum orange wax
V/A Konton Damaging Ear Massacre Crust War Framtid, Zoe, Poikkeus, etc
V/A Let Them Eat Jellybeans! Alternative Tentacles/Base Dead Kennedys, Really Red, DOA, Bad Brains, etc
V/A Nagoya City Hardcore Prank orange/green wax; Demolition, D-Clone, Zyanose etc
V/A N.Y. No Wave ZE Records 2x12" Suicide, Teenage Jesus, Mars, etc
V/A PEACE R Radical double lp with insert; MDC, Gism, Dicks, Proletariat, DRI, etc; missing booklet
V/A Program: Annihilator SST 2 x 12"; Black Flag, St Vitus, Overkill etc
V/A Public Safety MRR black vinyl with booklet
V/A Rat Music for Rat People Vol 2 CD Presents Fang, DRI, Dicks, Big Boys, etc; with lyric sheet and order form
V/A Repo Man MCA
V/A Revenge of the Kamikaze Stegosaurus' Ax/ction GG Allin, Mentors, The Freeze, Cancerous Growth, etc
V/A Rock Turns to Stone Vild Providence/Boston compilation
V/A Secret Records: The Punk Singles Vol 2 Secret Exploited, Chron Gen, The Business, 4 Skins, etc
V/A The Best of Louie Louie Rhino covers of "Louie Louie" by the Sonics, Black Flag, et
V/A The Decline of Western Civilization Slash Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, Germs, etc
V/A The Living Room: A Compilation Big Bubble Providence comp
V/A The Vikings Are Coming New Face 2xlp Crude SS, Bizarr etc
V/A This is Boston, Not LA Modern Method Jerry's Kids, FUs, Gang Green, The Freeze etc; with insert
V/A Thrash Till Death Pusmort Gauze/Outo/Lip Cream/Systematic Death
V/A Virus Jungle Hop Lip Cream/Systematic Death/Mad Conflux/Don Don etc; with insert
V/A Yalta Hi-Life Power It Up Terveet Kadet, Kaaos, Varaus etc; reissue
Vat of Fat/As The Tide Consumes The Grimm Truth Bay Area Thrash gray wax w/cdr, #101/500
Vee Dee Further repress
Velvet Underground Loaded Cotillion
Velvet Underground Velvet Underground and Nico Verve
Venom Black Metal Earmark 180g reissue
Venom Canadian Assault Banzai
Venom Warhead b/w Lady Lust Neat
Venom Welcome to Hell Neat Italian pressing (bootleg?)
Verbal Abuse Just An American Band Bitzcore
Vibrators Pure Mania Epic
Vicious, Sid Sid Vicious' Heritage Matrixbest 3 song EP
Vicious, The S/T Ny Vag
Victims, The Real Wild Child Golden Disc this is the NYC band, not the Aussies
Viimeinen Kolonna Irvikuva Agipunk with patch and lyric sheet
Vile Solution Parts Unknown 180 gram gatefold repress
Vincebus Eruptum s/t Load with lyric sheet; Providence band
Void Sessions Dishcord
Voivod Rrroooaaarrr Combat xeroxed insert
Voivod War and Pain Metal Blade with lyric sleeve
Voivod Dimension Hatross Metal Blade with lyric sleeve
Voivod Killing Technology Metal Blade with lyric sleeve
Voivod Cockroaches b/w Too Scared to Scream Noise picture disc
VON Satanic Blood Angel Nuclear War Now 2xlp; 2009 reissue black wax
Vulcain Rock n Roll Secours Devil's Records
Wargasm Why Play Around Rock Hotel with lyric sleeve
Warhead s/t Ugly Pop
Wasted Time Futility Grave Mistake red wax
Wehrmacht Shark Attack New Renaissance test press
Wehrmacht Shark Attack New Renaissance standard pressing
White, James and the Blacks Off White ZE/Buddha
White Mice Asphixxxiation Load
White Mice Mice of Mendes Oh No Noise tracks from the cdr demo on a side, new stuff on b side; gold logo one of 500
White Zombie Soul Crusher Caroline with printed inner
White Zombie Make Them Die Slowly Caroline with printed inner
White Zombie La Sexorcisto DGC glow in the dark wax, with printed inner
White Zombie More Human Than Human DGC 3 remixes by Charlie Clouser, with original sleeve
White Zombie Thunderkiss '65 DGC 4 remixes by KMFDM, with original sleeve
Whodini Open Sesame Arista with printed inner sleeve
Widespread Bloodshed/Brody's Militia split Sound Pollution with insert
Williamson, Nicol The Hobbit Argo 4x12" with booklet and box
Witch Cross Fit for Fight Road Racer
Witch's Hammer Canadian Speed Metal Nuclear War Now green vinyl with poster and insert; according to NWN, this is one of only 30 non-diehard editions on green wax
Witchcraft s/t Rise Above picture disc
Witchfinder General Death Penalty Heavy Metal clear vinyl
Witchfynde Lords of Sin Mausoleum with bonus live 12"
Witchhammer Mirror, My Mirror Cogumelo
World Burns to Death The Sucking of the Missile Cock Hardcore Holocaust with lyric sheet
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) RCA
X Under the Big Black Sun Elektra
X-Ray Spex Germ Free Adolescents EMI with insert
Y & T Earthshaker A & M
Zoe The Last Axe Beat Crust War
Zolar X Timeless Alternative Tentacles
Direct Control/Dropdead/Strung Up/3rd Death Sept 6 AS220 Providence n/a 2 color silkscreen poster on black paper, signed and #d out of 25
Iron Maiden World Piece Tour '83 tour book
John Wayne Gacy Marlon Brando n/a approx 8x11" yellow/black marker drawing of Brando by Gacy